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The isle is our ultimate product. Get an entire floating isle, tailored to the size and purpose of your needs.

We are taking the modular concept to the next level and offer entire working isle units. Expansion of the isle can be done via modular addition over time. You can add more living space, more dockways, more power, and more marina space as needed. We offer a number of support-structures the isles require, including solutions for marina parking and commercial space.

Use Cases

• Company or university campus
• Residential living-space for commercial workers at sea
• Floating resorts
• Hospitals
• Intentional communities

Island specifications

We provide the Island in two versions. The structure only version and the fully serviced version. The difference between them is that the fully serviced Island also provides services like: power, clean drinking water, waste treatment, internet and other services you typically expect in a city.


The images are showing one of the many designs that are possible. We offer suggested designs and will work with our clients to customize a solution to their needs.

Shown above is what we call an 'isle neighborhood,' designed to house 18-90 people. We plan to organize the isles in small neighborhoods of under 150 people at a time, which is large enough to create community, yet small enough that everyone can still know all their neighbors.

Startup Isle

The dockways are constructed of hollow, seawater-proof reinforced geopolymer concrete.

Design Information

An isle needs several things: breakwater protection, sections designed for specific purposes such as residential and commercial, connecting and positioning tendons to hold the isle in the desired configuration, and provision for various forms of travel, such as the dockways, or leaving open-water space between isle neighborhoods to be used as a 'whale-road' meaning open water for skiff traffic.

We offer tailor made floating breakwaters, dockways, and positioning-pylons to support an isle.


The most difficult aspect of the isle from a design point of view is how open-ended it is in terms of structure and growth. To address this, we plan to build modular units that fit together nicely using the concept of ISO-216 proportions. This would allow the city to grow organically without major growing pains.

We further plan to modularize required services into simple building blocks. If we can build an isle that works well for say 100 people, then 10 such structures should be able to serve a 1,000 people. But at some point, it makes sense to reconfigure for larger numbers, and this must be taken into account as well. For example, one may plan differently how to provide power for 100 people than to provide power to 1000.


Q: How is the isle anchored or kept in place?

A: There are a have few options. One, if appropriate for the area, you can use a typical anchor or a vacuum anchor. Another option is GPS-based active station-keeping, which uses special boats and engines to keep a floating structure in one place or to move it around as desired, without an anchor to the sea-floor. Small isles will be able to use anchors or multiple anchors, but the larger cities will likely tend towards active station-keeping.

Q: How can people earn a living on an isle?

A: Our first isle is planned as a visa-haven for startups and entrepreneurs. The isle will be located near San Francisco in international waters. After it is established and the first residents make themselves at home, some of them will develop successful companies and will need employees to grow their businesses. Once there are enough people earning a good living, there will naturally arise new opportunities to provide services to those people, such as coffee-houses, restaurants, stores, and entertainment. By this means, a city is founded, and a cultural-identity can take root.


The starting price of an isle is 7.1 million dollar.

This price is based on the design as shown in the images. We combine six Bermuda structures to form a single Isle neighborhood. Getting to a total of 18 Floathouses. The isle can permanently house 90 people.

Other designs are also possible. Get in touch with us, list your requirements and we will get back to you.

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