Old - Intentional Communities at Sea

Ventive’s mission is to build permanent ocean communities for the masses, using modular structures designed to make ocean life safe, comfortable, and affordable.

We want to try something new, to build new types of floating-structures capable of flourishing at sea permanently, to organize them into floating communities and ultimately into independent cities in international waters. And we want to be among the first residents.

Our first product is a unique structure called a Floathouse. We distinguish this structure from a houseboat because houseboats are not designed to survive in the open ocean long-term, but Floathouses are designed to excel in that environment. They are designed to inhabit one place better than any other floating structure.

We have engineered the Floathouse to address the major pain-points that most people associate with living full-time on a marine-vessel. Due to the Floathouse's wave-damping technology, it is very comfortable and unlikely to make you seasick. The structure requires virtually no maintenance and never needs dry-dock. A Floathouse has as much square-footage and internal open-space as a modern land-based home. And you can use all the same furniture and appliances of a land-based home, including full size kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

We want to make moving to an isle community as easy as moving to a new city, and open new possibilities in the process.

Visit the Floathouse page for more information.